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9. December 2016, 11:33:38
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by Crosseyed Mary (9. December 2016, 11:43:35)

9. December 2016, 16:44:09
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
crosseyed: the link doesn't work and I couldn't find the game in your profile. Try posting the link again.

9. December 2016, 18:14:34
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by Crosseyed Mary (9. December 2016, 23:07:26)

Clandestine 1: Thank you for letting me know. Okay the link does not work but it clear to see that the game was finished by an administrator.
Does this work now? 7521441
I would like to know which administrator finished the game without consulting me first. Having just checked the staff there are only two administrators and one has not been in the site since April. So that leaves Fencer.

10. December 2016, 00:30:54
Subject: Re: Has this happened to anyone?
Modified by speachless (10. December 2016, 00:34:34)
crosseyed: there is no reason why an administrator would need first to consult you before correcting a bug, since i pinned your mother piece without ending the game automatically. as i noticed after i won, that the game just passed the move to you, without that the game ended automatically as usually expected, so i wrote to an admin asking to end the game manually. as you expected to loose according the plakoto rules, it is not necessary that anyone contacts you first...

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