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    23. December 2011, 19:14:58
    Subject: empty tables
    I feel the same than Aganju (and I know who he means).

    I suspect that a more confortable play when at table would help to have more interested players.
    - faster bets : a cursor permitting to choose the bet size very quicky
    - less time for players (that have no problems of connection) who might make use of a time button (such a button would allow, for instance, 1 minute of additionnal time each hour).
    - possibilty of hiding/showing our cards when losing a pot
    - possibility to write personal notes on players
    - access to statistics on our past hands.

    All the best for Christmas days
    See you next year

    23. December 2011, 22:48:50
    Subject: Re: empty tables
    PierrequiRoule: you make some points .but seeing your opponents cards is a no no . if you've played for cash you know you have to pay to see. the games okay as is except i never see cards come out at real games like these do. but you're here long enough to know the tendencies. a merry x-mas to you would be ideal to have a reg table going & some on the next higher table .but ppl drift in & out. i don't know the time difference i guess plays a big part . otherwise its as good as its going to be.i've asked for improvements. but it would be time consuming & fencer can't devote the time to it. we all have our pet peeves. i guess the best thing is to grin n bear it mook let me wish all the players who read this stuff "seasons greetings"

    24. December 2011, 00:29:52
    Universal Eyes 
    Subject: Re: empty tables
    mook53lhd:The best option in my opinion would be to have a clear view on the main board of any participation going on in the poker room.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    24. December 2011, 00:52:09
    Subject: Re: empty tables
    Universal Eyes: getting back to pierre. i wouldn't mind say you're playing for a while .nature calls etc .i say you should be able to save the seat for 5 or 10 min. thats about all i come up with

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