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Discuss about the BrainKing Stairs.

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  • To find out what stairs you can currently challenge someone in, first go to the Main Stairs Page, then click on "Show your stairs only" link. The ones in BOLD are ones you can make a challenge in.

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    19. July 2011, 04:55:50
    Subject: Re: Draw In a stair challenge game?
    Aganju: you stay on the stair you are currently on

    13. November 2006, 00:34:36
    scratch that, I didn't read it right, the only 2 ways I know to remove them from the stair would be to 1. pm them and ask them to remove themselves. or 2. ask fencer

    13. November 2006, 00:29:58
    Subject: Re:
    xmas is soon: on the main page of the fellowship, right under the player list there is a box for removal of members

    12. November 2006, 19:35:38
    Subject: Re: Sweeping up the leaves...
    playBunny: thats good

    10. November 2006, 23:03:56
    Subject: Re:
    BIG BAD WOLF: agreed, but in my case, I never challange anyone below me, only equal to me, that does not make me inactive, just in waiting for someone who has earned the privillage of the challange, if someone is above me, then I don't expect them to play me, I have to work myself to their level, ladders in reverse

    10. November 2006, 22:41:09
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: why should someone at the top have to challange someone 3 steps below them, they have already earned the top spot and only have to defend it when someone reaches them

    10. November 2006, 22:37:05
    Subject: Re:
    pauloaguia: those people tend to run out of vacation days and time out quickly, otherwise they are active and just slow, another problem altogether

    10. November 2006, 21:43:29
    actually people who are inactive (either from the site or the stair) will take care of themselves over time, they will fall to the lowest step and the stair will grow well past them, the only real problem is the fact that many people don't like cheap wins

    10. November 2006, 21:28:21
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: Fencer was already going to impliment taking away of empty stairs, I believe he said monthly, but your suggestion punishes the person who makes it to the top and then wants to wait for someone to catch up, he should not have to play until someone proves worthy

    10. November 2006, 17:51:57
    Subject: Re:
    King Reza: that can be a little tricky as there are some people who have reached the top of the stairs and are inactive waiting for someone to catch them

    11. June 2006, 15:47:31
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch Chuckers: I come across that quite a bit also, sometimes there are too many people on one step to list all there names and you have to click on a "..." to see the rest of the list

    2. February 2006, 05:40:55
    Subject: Re: BKR on Stairs
    tenuki: yes

    5. November 2005, 15:06:55
    Subject: Re: Two game matches
    WhisperzQ: the only problem with that is that there are people here that I know of that would slow down in a game that they are losing in to the point that the other game would finish and a new one start and then they would finish the new one still before the original game just to have better odds of wining a second game

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