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Board for everybody who is interested in BrainKing itself, its structure, features and future.

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10. August 2017, 16:09:20
The notice said Brainkings "certificate" had expired, but now no problems on my side.

10. August 2017, 12:19:35
Subject: Re:
I get that notice every time I log in here and at GT too

10. August 2017, 10:17:58
Subject: Re:
Aganju: Only the pages which prompt for a password are labelled insecure, if they are not of protocol https. once this barrier is passed Chrome (Firefox too) doesn't care anymore. Until the next upgrade, LOL

10. August 2017, 00:36:05
Subject: Re:
Carnie: no. Chrome has started to report all non-https sites as 'insecure'. This is not related to anything happening at BK, but a general move in the internet. Security of BK is unchanged; it was never high-security, but there is also not much to lose or steal. Any hacker above twelve would probably focus on pages where there is something steal-worthy.

9. August 2017, 22:21:38
Subject: games
a lot of things have been happening on the site spooks are comeing i mean that

9. August 2017, 18:54:39
Am I the only person that got an alert when I tried to log in a couple days ago saying Brainking wasn't protected any more?i was alerted someone had tried to hack my account. It was ok today. I timed out of a lot of games.

9. August 2017, 01:05:56
Subject: Re: Good day
winterangels: Message from Fencer on Jan 1 2017

The future
1. January 2017, 09:39:10
Happy New Year 2017.

As you probably know, BrainKing will be 15 years old this year and it is also the last year when it would have an official support. Many things changed since October 2002 when the site had been launched and I think it's only fair to our members if they know (in advance) what they can or cannot expect.

1) BrainKing is guaranteed to be running at least to the end of 2017. After that, nothing will be guaranteed. For instance, the site could become offline for a longer time, an unexpected error could break some important features, games could timeout for no logical reason, etc. Since BrainKing is quite a mature product and was programmed to self-repair many usual issues, it is not unlikely that none of these scenarios would happen - but still, it's good if people are aware of that.

2) There will be also no refunds for any kind of membership subscription. I will link this post from the Paid Membership section, so everybody would be informed that purchasing a membership is risky and not recommended to people who expect a service that continuously operates at a peak effeciency without any downtime.

3) It is also possible that, starting January 2018, BrainKing could be suddenly taken down without any warning. If it happens, memberships that would be still active will not be cancelled and their counter of remaining days will be stopped during the whole time of inactivity.

8. August 2017, 23:57:42
Subject: Re: membership
Modified by speachless (8. August 2017, 23:58:12)
winterangels: As far I understood it is not 100% sure yet. Fencer announced that it might be unsupported after 2018. But this is only one possible scenario. option 2 is for Fencer to sell brainking or he might come up with a third option when time comes, but yes it's possible that the site will run unsupported from 2018 on. It's on you to decide if you take the risk to pay for one year and if BK will work till then.... but maybe I'm wrong, it's just how I understood Fencers announcment

8. August 2017, 22:23:50
Subject: Re: membership
winterangels: according to Fencer that is more "fixing" so when it is broke it is broke...

8. August 2017, 22:06:41
Subject: membership
why are they telling me that brainking may be going down is this true

8. August 2017, 17:23:51
Subject: Re: Good day

click on "paid membership" under profile in the left margin. best wishes

8. August 2017, 14:26:02
Subject: Good day
can any one tell me how much it it is to become a brainrook for a year and where i would send it to and whom it would be ty

9. July 2017, 01:21:21
Subject: Re:
winterangels: Go to main page. At the top it says show chat box.

8. July 2017, 22:54:22
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: help
Modified by Crosseyed Mary (8. July 2017, 23:09:16)
winterangels: Do you mean in your profile? If so it does not matter.

8. July 2017, 17:28:02
color back hit wrong keys

8. July 2017, 17:26:43
Subject: help
i some how have a big promblm i cant get my chat box back or the size or col baack help me plese and thank you

8. July 2017, 02:45:58
Subject: Re:
Papa Zoom: seems one of the games was never created (the next number is another unrelated game).
That is an easy fix for Fencer. If he doesn't see this here, you could send him a PM. He typically acts on those.

8. July 2017, 02:39:21
Papa Zoom 
Can this tourney get a kick start or simply be shut down by Fencer? It's stopped somehow. Or is messing with it impossible? Dice Poker Tournament # 4

4. July 2017, 21:26:29
Subject: Re:
Heavenrose: There actually is a board especially for birthday wishes.

4. July 2017, 20:32:56
Subject: Re: Birthday
Heavenrose: Happy Birthday to you,hope you have a Great Day !

4. July 2017, 14:58:30
Subject: Re:
Heavenrose: yes :)

4. July 2017, 04:32:12
Subject: Re:
Heavenrose, winterangels: I get you two confused. I was thinking I had a game with winterangels but it's Heavenrose. Lol

4. July 2017, 01:07:51
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Membership
winterangels Since the uncertainty of this site a lot of people have not renew their membership which is understandable. There are also many others who would like someone to pay for a membership.
I think you have to accept that you can play in this game site for free albeit limited.

4. July 2017, 00:36:33
Subject: Membership
to who the person who took my post down ty i thought it rude to do that once angian ty

4. June 2017, 08:46:42
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated
Marshmud: They are both tie-breakers. The rule below in SE tournaments, and S-B in regular tourneys. In other words, Thom27 is correct in his original post.

3. June 2017, 23:08:43
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated
Pedro Martínez: Yes my friend but is that not a BK rule and have nothing to do with the S-B?

3. June 2017, 16:02:02
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated
Marshmud: This only applies to "single elimination" tournaments.

"Warning! If a normal game ends as a draw, the player with lower BKR would advance to the next round (in case of equal BKRs, the one who didn't start the game - the black player in most games). If you want to avoid such situations, create this tournament with 1 win matches instead."

3. June 2017, 15:06:32
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated
Marshmud: I don't find a rule anywhere that in case of equal ponts and S-B, the rating decides. But here I found an example of a shared victory in this case. So it seems to be a bug or glitch.

Maybe fencer will find time to fix it.

2. June 2017, 18:54:11
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated
Thom27: After further investigation I stand behind my original statement. In fact you should of won that tournament.

2. June 2017, 01:55:23
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated I thought the Sonneborn-Berger system is used to specify an order of players with the same number of points and is based on a theory that points earned with a stronger opponent are more valuable than with a weaker one. So there should be no tie unless both players have the same BKR.

2. June 2017, 01:42:43
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated The actual S-B total sum has been incorrect for some time but the order has been correct. I was explained in the past that if a tie the lower rated player wins. However I think it was in a prize tournament I ran and fencer paid it out that way. Your correct there is a bug .I've noticed the sum of the S-B total has been incorrect in many of the tournaments I've been in

2. June 2017, 01:25:36 
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated
Marshmud: Actually it does look like a bug, the S-B should be 33 for both. Ratings don't matter for the S-B.

S-B is just you add the points for each win they have.

Each players had 1 win against a player that had 9 points.(x1 = 9 points)
Each player had 2 wins against a player that had 6 points (x2 = 12 points)
Each player had 2 wins against a player that had 4 points (x2 = 8 points)
Each player had 2 wins against a player that had 0 points (x2 = 0 points)
Each player had 2 wins against a player that had 2 points (x2 = 4 points)

So each player should have ended up with a 33 S-B rating.

1. June 2017, 19:26:53
Subject: Re: S-B wrongly calculated
Thom27: Not necessary. If tosty had a lower bkr when this tournament started (feb 2012) and since you two split your match the player with the lower bkr wins. Both of you also won all your other matches.

1. June 2017, 19:05:26
"Smokin cigarettes and watchin' Captain Kang...Kang a roo. Now don't tell me ...I've nothin' to do."

1. June 2017, 17:54:38
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re:
Mélusine: Good for you.

1. June 2017, 16:45:18
Subject: Re:
Mélusine: I'll renew if Brainking stays. I'm an optomist unless I'm told by the owner he's closing. :)

1. June 2017, 14:32:49
Subject: S-B wrongly calculated
In this tournament table the S-B values are wrong. Me and tolsty2002 should have the same value, since we have the same match results.

1. June 2017, 00:40:49
I don't like slow players but they don't cheat, they just play differently. I'm an optimist, I renewed my subscription.

30. May 2017, 17:29:15
Subject: Re:
crosseyed: :/ so it must be my phone. It takes all kinds of kinds.

30. May 2017, 17:00:05
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re:
Carnie: Never mind.

30. May 2017, 14:31:28
Subject: Re:
crosseyed: I'll have to renew membie to send you a real smile lol.

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