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3. August 2016, 22:54:38
Carpe Diem 
Subject: Re: Is there a nasty bug in the evaluation of multi-game matches?
Modified by Carpe Diem (3. August 2016, 22:58:51)
Aganju: I think what you'll find is that although it claims that you lost and shows rating points going down for you, if you look closer you'll find that the names don't match the rating points, and that your points actually go up.

So it works something like this. Let's say you and I played, and you won the match but I won the last game. Let's also say your rating was 2100 and mine was 1900 before the game. It will say something like Carpe Diem won, 2100 (+13), and Aganju lost 1900 (-11). I actually lost the 11 I should have, and you gained the 13, it just gives the wrong names in the message.

This bug's been there since I started playing here. It's simply a display error, not a problem with rating points.

3. August 2016, 21:11:38
Subject: Is there a nasty bug in the evaluation of multi-game matches?
Modified by Aganju (3. August 2016, 21:15:09)
I think I found a nasty bug in the evaluation of matches that are set up for a fixed amount of games.
Here is a match that was for 5 games, and I won it 3:2: Fevga (Aganju vs. Doris)
However, the fifth/last game of the match went to my opponent (so I lead 3:1, and then it ended 3:2 - still a win for me).
The event message I got, however, declared that *I lost*, and deducted some points from my rating (and gave rating points to my opponent).

I would guess that the code uses the result from the last game for its decisions, as - typically - the winner of the last game is the winner of the match - but not for this type of match.

Did anybody experience this too?

31. July 2016, 19:33:42
Subject: Re:
DeaD man WalkiN: Glad to see you back..:}

31. July 2016, 19:21:57
DeaD man WalkiN 
Yea, after 8 days waiting on cable. We have everything back on and in the NEW house. And the move only 5 blocks...

16. July 2016, 13:55:43
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Slow site.

16. July 2016, 02:51:08
Subject: Re: Slow site.
crosseyed: Wonderful! I know you must be relieved that it wasn't something more serious.

15. July 2016, 19:19:39
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Slow site.
Modified by Crosseyed Mary (15. July 2016, 19:44:55)
Doris: I have just gone back to my old computer and since doing so the speed it back to normal. Long may it last. It must have been my internet provider.

14. July 2016, 12:10:42
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Slow site.
Modified by Crosseyed Mary (14. July 2016, 17:56:02)
ellieoop: Okay thanks. I have download Chrome now and it still very slow.

14. July 2016, 12:09:13
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Slow site.
Doris: Thanks. I have set up a new computer and it is still slow. However I might have to blame my internet provider as it has been slow when I am in some other sites.

14. July 2016, 05:24:48
Subject: Re: Slow site.
crosseyed: try the chrome browser. it's usually the fastest browser.

14. July 2016, 05:09:18
Subject: Re: Slow site.
crosseyed: Hope you get it figured out. I know it can get frustrating at times.

14. July 2016, 00:39:26
Carpe Diem 
"it's perfectly fine here, all the time."

Same for me.

13. July 2016, 19:50:58
Subject: Re: Slow site.
Aganju: Fast on all platforms.

13. July 2016, 19:34:23
Subject: Re: Slow site.
crosseyed: it's perfectly fine here, all the time.

13. July 2016, 17:13:17
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Slow site.
Modified by Crosseyed Mary (13. July 2016, 17:23:11)
Doris: Okay I have just set up another computer and see if things go faster.
It is still slow and I keep getting the white pages for a few minutes.

13. July 2016, 16:17:24
Subject: Re: Slow site.
crosseyed: Not slow for me.

13. July 2016, 14:02:42
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Slow site.
beach: It has been like this for some time with me. I have no problems in the other game sites I play in. It is not my internet provider.

13. July 2016, 13:58:36
Subject: Re: Slow site.
crosseyed  :  this morning I find it slow, but I am finding that all sites I am on are slow

13. July 2016, 12:14:22
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Slow site.
Is anyone else having problems with this site being slow? I have used Firefox and Internet Explorer and in both browsers it is very slow playing in this site.

25. June 2016, 02:26:38
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
SL-Mark: AHH I get it. I'm slow sometimes.

24. June 2016, 21:03:08
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
I believe it was a proposal for an alternative referendum to Brexit.
However one is a democracy whilst the other is an autocracy. Which is which is your guess!

24. June 2016, 19:23:55
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
ketchuplover: Why would you care if it stays or leaves? If you DO care, the easiest is for yourself to stay or leave. No?

24. June 2016, 18:57:15
Gabriel Almeida 
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?

24. June 2016, 15:26:18
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
ThunderGr: i guess he was kidding.

24. June 2016, 15:23:11
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
ketchuplover: The fate of one's possessions is not decided by public vote but by the will of the owner. Asking for a public vote for to leave the internet is like me asking for a public vote for your PC to leave the physical World.

So, some people have to learn to recognize their limits and the rights of others, in my opinion.

24. June 2016, 14:28:18
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
ketchuplover: You've got to be kidding...definitely STAY!

24. June 2016, 13:43:55
Subject: Should leave or stay on the internet?
I vote LEAVE

15. June 2016, 20:18:12
Subject: Re: 10 years +
chessik: congrats! :-)

15. June 2016, 19:13:57
Subject: 10 years +

31. May 2016, 19:03:44
Subject: Re: bug
badgerboy78: no such bug here. Try to clear your cache.

31. May 2016, 17:55:00
Subject: bug
I wish the "missing dice number " bug would be fixed. It's been four days now

25. May 2016, 10:04:21
people .. please be nice .. i am glad you are stopping this discussion .. if you want to continue it anyway, please do it in private

25. May 2016, 01:32:25
Crosseyed Mary 

24. May 2016, 23:15:50
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re:
Modified by Crosseyed Mary (24. May 2016, 23:40:34)
Bernice: You made an assumption by stating " it was nearly sold but Flip wanted way too much money." Surely the price would have been mentioned long before it was "nearly" sold? So how do you know that Flip wanted way too much money? Someone must have told you?

24. May 2016, 23:01:58
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re:
Bernice: That can only be hearsay and in my opinion it is worth lots of money. You have to consider all the man power etc. in creating such a good site.

24. May 2016, 11:19:29
Modified by MadMonkey (24. May 2016, 11:39:55)
I got here 25th November 2002, the site was VERY new then (ony a couple of months & only had a few games). Its sad sometimes to look round or at my friends list and see how many players are no longer with us, ive met some great people here
Still, as long as the sites here, i guess i will be, i just hope someone comes along who either joins Filip or takes it over just so the site will carry on and hopefully fix current bugs or better improve it.
Right, thats my little bit.....back to games

24. May 2016, 06:32:37
Subject: ,,
523091 moves

24. May 2016, 06:30:34
Subject: 2007
I was hatched June 27, 2007

24. May 2016, 05:15:56
2002 I arrived.....

24. May 2016, 03:57:07
cd power 
It's hard to believe that I've been here since May 2005, over 11 years! I love this site, and will play until the end.

24. May 2016, 01:20:33
I've been here since March 3, 2003 - and I too will be here right until the end. Hopefully that's a long time from now!

23. May 2016, 07:51:15
August 2004 is when I joined. This site was my escape from an unhappy marriage and I spent a lot of time here.
I don't spend much time here now as I work 40+ hours a week and have a family,  but I still love playing here. 
I also thank Fencer and I will keep playing here.  Still have a few achievements to get 

23. May 2016, 06:19:12
I have been here since August of 2003 and I still enjoy playing here. Thanks Fencer for a great site!

22. May 2016, 21:17:59
Crosseyed Mary 
Subject: Re: Brainking future
Aganju: Hear hear well put. As I have been posting for weeks I think Brainking is a wonderful site.

22. May 2016, 20:37:16
Subject: Re:
Fencer: yes from my side also, i enjoy playing here and don't miss anything on it, thank you for your work

22. May 2016, 20:27:36
Thank you.

22. May 2016, 20:03:02
I too have been here since Jan of 2003 and have no regrets. Fencer has done a wonderful job on this site and I thank him for all the work he has done to keep this site in good playing shape! Hope it will be around for many years to come.

22. May 2016, 17:55:52
Subject: Brain King future !
I have been a paid member of this site since January 26,2003 and during that time I have played with no problems and I feel sure in that time things have happened to Fencer that would have kept me from playing but that has not happened, I will continue to pay and play as long as the site is up and running,thank you Fencer !

22. May 2016, 15:22:25
Subject: Re: Brainking future
Justaminute: I don't follow your all argumentation. There are so many companies that sell life-time this-n-that, and they never specify the obvious - when they go out of business, of courseyou have nobody to go to.

I am still considering buying a life time membership, and the only thing that keeps me from it is that I currently have no need to act as I have still some years of rook. Nothing has changed comparing to five years ago, I still get exactly what I expect to get.

Some people have gotten the idea in their heads that they have the right to expect continuously more for less, and every offer in the world has to follow this. That is an unrealistic expectation, and shows complete ignorance of reality. Just because facebook and google and such give you new features all the time (and seem to be free), does not imply that that is a standard all have to follow.

I think generally, when you buy something, it should be clear what you get, and you should not make implicit assumptions about it becoming more in the background. The only reason to complain is if you not get what was explicitly promised when you bought - and this is not the case here. Nobody bought a membership with the claim that 'number of players and move will increase' or 'new features will come all the time'. That is your _imagination_, guys. So grow up and become realistic!
What have _you_ recently done for free for the world outside of your normal work?

The number of players goes down because old people die and the next generation can't be bothered so much to play games where you need to think, and that don't have realistic-looking moving 3D graphics; that is hardly BKs fault.

I only hope when Fencer decides to put BK in the trash, he is willing to give it away to someone else to run instead of really deleting it.

22. May 2016, 12:02:13
Subject: Best wishes...
to all but mostly lifetime members :)

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