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19. mai 2017, 14:53:42
Teema: World
This is what it has come to

18. mai 2017, 14:29:46
Teema: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke...
will become assistant secretary of Homeland Security. Adjust your schedules accordingly

8. mai 2017, 12:11:53
Teema: Hope everything...
works out there

7. mai 2017, 23:57:45
Result of the French elections : our president will be Macron.

25. aprill 2017, 23:19:43
Teema: Re: Melusine....Surrendered France
PaoloRus: Here in France we have never seen such disparate results. Before, there was always at least one of the big political parties for the second round, but not today. Here, many people don't agree with European policy and don't want politicians with problems with the law. I wonder what the outcome will be.

24. aprill 2017, 18:21:21
Teema: Re: Melusine....Surrendered France
PaoloRus: It's Marine. And no, we don't need her.

24. aprill 2017, 00:06:38
Teema: Melusine....Surrendered France
The worst of the four won in the first round of the elections in France. Нe is disgusting, he's like French Hillary. Will the other three unite and block his path? We do not need Trump anymore :( Trump offended Kim and Bashar.
Now we need Marin Le Pen!

Do not forget to vote correctly in the second round, bro )) we will win!

7. aprill 2017, 07:59:04
Yea Trump!

24. jaanuar 2017, 15:45:31
Years ago this board would be lit up but most are really shocked still but I can say Im looking forward to Pres Pence after Trump is impeached.

24. jaanuar 2017, 03:56:23
Teema: Re:
Brian1971: YAY!!! I am with you guys on Trump!!

21. jaanuar 2017, 18:13:23
Papa Zoom 
Teema: Re:
Brian1971: I'm with you on that. No more Obama. It's been a long 8 years.

21. jaanuar 2017, 16:18:58
nah nah nah nah. hey hey hey, Obama's gone.

Obama's gone...Obama's gone...hey hey hey...Obama's gone. GO TRUMP! USA USA USA!!!!

20. jaanuar 2017, 20:52:32
Teema: Re: Buckle your seat belts...
ketchuplover: pumpkin spice for all! Orange is the new president! I like Trump and wish him the best.

20. jaanuar 2017, 19:40:05
Teema: Re: Buckle your seat belts...

20. jaanuar 2017, 18:44:46
Teema: Buckle your seat belts...
it's going to be a bumpy ride

6. detsember 2016, 01:03:14
Teema: Re: Castro...
PaoloRus: Marine Le Pen ?! You mix all people !

5. detsember 2016, 21:33:33
Teema: Castro...
Rest in Peace, dear Comandante. You were a real Hero and great Fighter. And shame on you, Donald ... too bad that the Cold-War stereotypes are still alive .. It would be a powerful Left/Right alliance: Cuba - Iran - Marine Le Pen - Putin and You against the Illuminati & Al Caeda. But I do not cry, cause I know who your opponents are. Let it will be just the words that you said about Fidel.

26. november 2016, 18:56:07
Teema: Re: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ketchuplover: lol

26. november 2016, 15:14:38
Teema: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't start crying!

26. november 2016, 06:31:31
Castro dead at 90.

12. november 2016, 10:54:19
Teema: my cabinet recommendation is............
adamantium :)

10. november 2016, 00:54:02
Teema: Re: I don't believe!! Congrats 2 all americans.

I am in Wisconsin

9. november 2016, 19:33:02
Teema: I don't believe!! Congrats 2 all americans.
---from Michael's McFaul twitter ‏:
Congrats @PutinRF @M_Simonyan @SputnikInt @Zhirinovskiy @KatasonovaMaria . Победа!

Is anybody from Wisco...Wyoming here?

9. november 2016, 15:27:51
Teema: they voted...
against the status quo

9. november 2016, 14:58:41
Teema: USA Election
Why Trump won? The United States voted against the war or other reasons?

9. november 2016, 00:47:37
Teema: I was...
the 35th voter today.

1. november 2016, 22:59:56
Teema: We need Trump...
Russia - is only one country in the world, where Trump has a rating relative to Hillary 3:1 (in small towns - 10:1). Are Rednecks and vatniks brothers forever ? ( i hope YES).
Surprisingly, even russian jews from brighton beach will vote for Trump (4:1)...)))
I think Trump - is american Che Guevara (he was born 14/06) . He makes America great again)))

17. august 2016, 04:00:28
Papa Zoom 
Teema: Re: Trump...
Bwild: Maybe. If he'd stay on message and stop it with the attacks. Hillary isn't very likable. She's an easy target. Have to exploit that. And there's the promise of an October email dump that will land Hillary in plenty of hot water. I'm hoping for that. I'd love to see her in striped pantsuits.

17. august 2016, 01:30:15
Teema: Re: Trump...
Papa Zoom: I think trump has a chance
Things are goin to get interesting

15. august 2016, 18:47:40
Papa Zoom 
Teema: Re: Trump...
ketchuplover: I think Trump came to my State but I'm not sure. He can't win anyway. I can't stand big crowds so I'd never attend a rally. I live in a small town. I play guitar with the mayor here. lol. He's a conservative and we have coffee and chat about the city. That's the extent of my involvement in politics here. I like to read about it and complain but I can make differences elsewhere. ;)

15. august 2016, 15:11:03
Teema: Re: Trump...
Papa Zoom:

Gerald Ford came to the High Schools. Don't recall the year. Called my city West Bank. Secret Service didn't care for the popping of balloons.

15. august 2016, 06:39:06
Papa Zoom 
Teema: Re: Trump...
ketchuplover: We'll you'll be in the news. Wonder what stupid thing he'll say in your town?

14. august 2016, 22:34:27
Teema: Re: Trump...
ketchuplover: I do feel for you then.

14. august 2016, 16:13:13
Teema: Trump...
is coming to my city this coming Tuesday.

3. august 2016, 20:15:02
Papa Zoom 
Teema: Re:
This election: I'm leaving the human race for the next three months....and then will self-induce a coma no matter who wins.

14. mai 2016, 23:05:57
Papa Zoom 
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
crosseyed: I believe I said that. So we're in agreement there. People of all flavors can do good things and often do. I was simply pointing out that we hear about the bad people do because that makes the news. Feel good stories are a segment of only some news programs and are a small percentage of the overall coverage.

14. mai 2016, 22:58:29
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
crosseyed toimetatud (14. mai 2016, 23:04:45)
Papa Zoom It is a known fact that religious organisation cover up what their staff have done to children.

14. mai 2016, 16:52:55
Papa Zoom 
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
crosseyed: Religious or non religious - lots of people doing good works. They don't often make the news. Sometimes they do but most often they don't. They represent a huge majority of people. Those that do bad and violate the trust of others most often make the news. However, especially when it comes to children, it's terrible to read that someone in a position of power abused that trusted position. Children should always be protected and loved, guided and nurtured. Whenever we read where abuses happen, it's not the fault of religion, it's the fault of the fallen heart of men and women.

14. mai 2016, 11:31:51
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
universe: Well put. Not forgetting all the physical, mental and sexual abuse at the hands of religious people. Yes I know non Christian do it too. But you would expect that people looking after young children should control their urges. I know this not a religious discussion board but since it came up I wanted to add my views.

14. mai 2016, 03:22:19
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
universe: Ok I wasn't focused on just religion and Christianity. Go back and look at the whole message. However as a Christian I do have many friends who do not go along with my Christian views and it has not gotten in the way of our friendships. I do not mandate they think like me and do love those who oppose my views. However the basis for my original message was the fact you cannot support anything or there are people who will attack you and label you as some bigot or other negative connotation. People should be free to express themselves without someone or group trying to automatically give you a negative label or try to silence you if they do not agree with you and that goes for everyone. In the United States we have freedom of speech and religion, etc. However sadly there are those factions who try to silence those who they disagree with and not allow for freedom of expression. I do agree that there are many abuses of the system. It hurts people who desperately need the help as there is less funding to go to those individuals. My wife and I are those who could use the extra assistance. I live off a fixed disability income of less than $1000 a month and my wife brings home about 1200 a month. We barely make it. If any emergencies arise we have to sacrifice something we need to cover it. We are denied medical assistance from Medicaid, though I was able to get my medicare premiums covered. We try apply for food stamps and they either deny us or the last time we were accepted we got 16 dollars a month. What can one buy on that for 2 people? So yes the system is broken and the next president needs to reform it and get rid of the fraud and make those who have abused the system start paying the system back.

14. mai 2016, 01:36:13
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
Brian1971: imo for several century's politics and religion has killed more people then any disease. To this day both breed hate and violence. I dont think in the 21st century with our growing technical era how one can blame it on technology. People have been ignorant many years not just since we grown technically. Actually more people today hear your message. Years back your neighbors were the only ones you feuded with. Sadly, imo things will just get worse but as a christian you have the return of Jesus to look forward too. For non believers who believe in science, they too are critisized by christians. I think god fearing people should be the last folks to complain about the atheists in their life and pray for them and love them just as jesus himself would have done. I think to many Americans complain about the system that they actually abuse themselves, and then collect funds from the honest tax paying citizens.

7. mai 2016, 01:57:20
Teema: Don't Blame

6. mai 2016, 19:31:24
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
rod03801: I liked Rubio but thought policy wise Kasich was the most experienced with balancing the budget and in military affairs around the world. But I also knew it would take a major collapse for Trump to lose it. I do not trust Hillary and Bernie wants to take everyone's money and redistribute it equally after the government pays off everything. By that time everyone will be in the poorhouse.

6. mai 2016, 18:38:49
Teema: Re: Political Correctness
Brian1971: Couldn't agree more. So many "Never Trump" people. I'm absolutely "Never Hillary". Trump wasn't my personal first choice, but he will get my vote. Any of the 17 people who started the process, would be a better president than Hillary or Bernie.

6. mai 2016, 17:37:07
Teema: Political Correctness
You know what is really screwing up the balance of society is this PC garbage. It has gotten to a point where you can't express a view on anything without backlash and someone trying to silence it. IF you are against Gay or lesbian marriage you are a bigot or homophobe. If you express your faith publicly people try to label you a zealot and say it is inappropriate to express it. If you are for or against a candidate you get a label of some kind. I know this goes on both on the right and the left. However why is it more so on the left that when they hear a point of view they disagree with, they try to squash it with protests and violent behavior. I thought liberals were for free speech. I guess it is only true if it is speech they want to hear, otherwise you must keep quiet. You know why Trump won the GOP nomination? It is because he is different from the establishment and people are looking for something different. Also the anti-trump people and their poor behavior against him and the supporters drives the undecided voters into his corner. This PC garbage needs to stop as it is ruining this world. Any other thoughts?

6. aprill 2016, 23:28:26
Teema: Amerika plese don't go to hellary and cuba only trump!
Hey. yankeez and gringoz , no more hitlery please :(( She said rrrrr wow wow wow. Its very funny.

But Trump is better. i think he is tough guy like our Tsar. But if Trump will hurt our friendz, if they will cry (freedom fighter Snowden or Bashar The Tiger), I'll put a curse on him and Texas will go to Mexico ))

6. aprill 2016, 12:15:44
Teema: If Trump becomes the nominee...

21. jaanuar 2016, 06:27:03
Teema: Re: or...
Jim Dandy: martin o'mally gov from Maryland

21. jaanuar 2016, 01:59:55
Jim Dandy 
Teema: Re: or...
ketchuplover: who is Martin? ;)

20. jaanuar 2016, 21:21:00
Teema: or...
bernie! or martin!

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