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Monkeys Swinging Madhouse
42 vundne turneringer

This Madhouse is here for people to have fun, make friends
and play games and everyone is welcome to join
Plenty of silly gossip on our Discussion Boards.
We have regular Tournaments to take part in and also
Stairs & Ponds to enter if you wish.
Here in the Madhouse we take pride in having some amazing Teams
Anyone may join any Team they wish and even offer to be captain if they would like to.
The only rules i try to set for Teams is that:
a) In Team Tournaments normally the top rated players in the Team will get picked (if available).
b) In Team challenge matches against other Fellowships, all players will get a
chance to play.
So, if you fancy supporting any of our Teams, PLEASE sign up below.


p.s. Abuse on the Discussion board will not be tolerated, please play nicely and enjoy others company

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404 medlemmer
Level Flag Navn Rank
MadMonkey  Den Øverste Boss
francescolr  Little Boss
Fencer  manager
grillyx  manager
 Watson  manager
BElanna  manager
Bernice  manager
Emma  manager
beach  manager
Doris  manager
 MrDelete  manager
Hannelore  manager  manager
nstre  manager
Chimera  manager
iv2  manager
SolidGold  manager
tenuki  manager
fanciann  manager
aaru  manager
mal4inara  manager
furbster  manager
Seravajan  manager
Ladybird68  manager
 cd power  manager
Gouwe gozer  manager
ajtgirl  manager
Mustang John  manager
Bwild  manager
varkala  manager
bobowski74  manager
Borowitz  manager
Retep  manager
dhaas70  manager
PlanetRuler  manager
 Evásek  manager
sacha  manager
bert515  manager
nauars  manager
 ksenofont  manager
ChEmIsT  manager
soviet  manager
 LEGENDA  manager
TT2010  manager
TAROU  manager
BGBedlam  manager
Macht_nix  manager
Madris  manager
Student89  manager
Y B WORKN  manager
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Væg et hold:
Fellowship team tournaments
BKR: 1026
Position: 2.
Racing Kings
1 spiller
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 sacha 1952 kaptajn

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Stairs (2 Games Only)2 spil parti 3 dageMadMonkey
Stairs (2 Games WIns)2 vundne parti 3 dageMadMonkey
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