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Discuss about tablut game or find new opponents.

There is a fellowship dedicated to tablut, its called tablut reborn and can be found here;

for all paying members of BrianKing.

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7. April 2003, 23:34:56
Emne: odd tablut game effect
thanks Harley, for caring ... :")

indeed my opponent himself offered to resign, after reviewing the rules ...
I'd like to credit him by naming a true sportsman, e.g. 'Nytedream' ... :)

hope Fencer will be able to spare a moment to check the board-logic

it seems to be a problem of implemeting the throne-square specials properly ...

thanks in advance and also again to my fair opponent ! ~*~

7. April 2003, 15:39:57
Emne: Tablut Glitch ?
a message I had put to the main-board ...

as Harley pointed out, it is a private game, only visible for
the players, hadn't know that - as it was not created by me ...

I do not ask for help how to play. but I would appreciate
if Fencer could check the game for a proper function ...

Tablut Glitch ?
7. April 2003, 15:15:10

I'm new to this game.

The rules give following conditions for a black win:

Mercenaries surround the king from all four sides and capture him.
The second possibility is that mercenaries surround the king
from three sides and the throne stands on the fourth side
(since nobody, including the king, cannot move to the throne).
The black player wins the game.

here's my game - now I desperately try to surround the king from 8 sides :P
but maybe an expert cAn help before I bite into my keyboard ;)

and good afternoon, europe - good morning, america ! b4 eye 4get :D ... ~*~

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