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Discuss about tablut game or find new opponents.

There is a fellowship dedicated to tablut, its called tablut reborn and can be found here;

for all paying members of BrianKing.

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18. Oktober 2004, 14:27:05
A bug, probably.

18. December 2003, 12:57:12
Yes, ughaibu could write a handbook for players of all levels :-)

18. December 2003, 10:07:21
There are many variants of Tablut. I've just implemented the one I've found in a Slovak book of board games.

14. April 2003, 07:55:30
Emne: Re: Rules
1) The throne can be used only to capture the king, not the "normal" pieces.
2) Yes, it should be considered as a draw but this site does not support a perpetual check detection yet. What you can do in such situation is to send a message to me and I will set a draw manually.

19. Marts 2003, 15:06:36

18. Marts 2003, 09:07:28
sunnyday: My parents bought it 20 years ago :-)

20. December 2002, 19:45:15
Call it as you want :-)

5. December 2002, 19:14:15
Yes, you can move over. It doesn't work? What is the game ID?

2. December 2002, 18:11:36
The rules will be updated ASAP :-)

2. December 2002, 06:59:28
Emne: Re: Note for players
I'll add it to rules although I agree with Kevin :-)

29. November 2002, 20:56:49
Is it? That's good :-) I've got a book of more ancient games so I'll try to implement the ones which are interesting.

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