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8. Juni 2005, 02:46:05
Stormerne: "We should allow perpetual raichi because it's part of the game."

The possibility of perpetual raichi is part of the game, but perpetual raichi = draw is not.
In Linn. rules draws are not even mentioned!
The Linn. rules don't show perpetual raichi = draw. They don't show it's a loss for white (or whatever rule) either, so we just have to DECIDE what is part of the game.

"We have no evidence to suggest that it was not a traditional part of the game."

No, and we don't have evidence it WAS a traditional part of the game.

Is is just begging the question.

You have a point that the statistics are misleading, but I think that when you look at the high-rated players playing each other, white still has the advantage.

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