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25. Maj 2003, 19:16:17
I'm not one for statistics usually, its interesting to read that but I had no idea how many games I'd won/lost as which colour!

I guess white is easier to play, but I find it far more rewarding to play black. I enjoy playing black more.

Maybe its psychological? White is 'on the run' and black is the 'hunter'.
White is looking for a way to escape, it has to divert attention and look for a gap. Where black has to watch the king constantly, never taking his eyes off it, gradually closing in while not submitting to the trickery of white!
Its easier to make a mistake as black, and therefore lose the game. Where losing as white can depend on luck sometimes.
Yes, it is FAR more satisfying to win as black! It feels like you won through skill, where winning as white can often feel like luck!

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